Elise + Michael | McDaniel Farm Park Wedding |Vlog

THIS was – IS – Elise and Michael’s wedding! YESSSSsssssss The weather out here in Atlanta has been crazy. Bonkers lately. Ninety degrees, and then rainy and then 90 degrees and then BOTH! So it was an absolute gamble and who knows what about Elise and Michael’s outdoor wedding. The ceremony was outdoors, the receptionRead more

This Post is about Destination Weddings in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Destination Weddings are awesome! Well – they can be awesome. But where do you begin? I don’t know either – but here’s what I know – if you’re looking to cut down on the number of people attending your wedding… HAVE A DESTINATION WEDDING. Basically – make sure that the people you REALLY want atRead more

This Post is About Having a NYE (New Year’s Eve) Wedding

Let’s get to it. If you’re planning on having your wedding on New Year’s Eve – it better be a great party. Like a GREAT PARTY. Otherwise you fail your guests. Sure – you can take comfort in the whole “my guests just want to celebrate us getting married blahblahblah” – not on New Year’sRead more