This is Jessica and Jeff – I briefly met them for a second when I was up in New York for the YAY New York Event. Actually – that ‘moment’ essentially boiled down to me trying to hustle them into our photobooth that night. There were a lot of other great photographers there – ones that were actually supposed to be shooting the event – but for some reason they contacted me a few weeks later and asked if I would be their wedding photographer.

Even after having photographed so many weddings – it’s still a pretty awesome honor that anyone would choose us to be with them for their wedding day. It’s not something we take lightly – and you can’t help but get caught up in the amazing energy that’s everywhere around you. +Mishaun & I flew up to Chicago to be there with Jessica & Jeff – and when we heard there was going to be a flashmob, there was honestly a little cynical part of me that was like… great… 8 people getting up and dancing…

Yeah. Totally. Wrong.

Atlanta. Chicago. Wedding. Photographer.

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  1. It was incredible for SO many people to be involved! Amazing amazing night and so much love!

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