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This past weekend we had two weddings. I flew up to Virginia on Friday to be with Stephanie & Alastair on Saturday – and then after getting back to the hotel around 1am – at 4:30am Raven & I hopped onto a flight back to Atlanta where I photographed another wedding until late into the evening on that Sunday.

Hey – it’s wedding season! And ours just goes from February until December. SO. Get ready for a lot of wedding preview posts and a lot more traveling – because we’re criss-crossing the country (and of course I do have a few here in Atlanta as well.)

It’s been a long time since I photographed Stephanie & Al for their engagement session. After finding us on A Practical Wedding – they flew me up to Virginia and spent a looong afternoon with me. I landed late that morning and they drove me all over Charlottesville – and then dropped me back off that night. SO – it was really nice to finally get to be there for their wedding. Because in case you haven’t noticed – we really like our clients. They’re awesome. We screen them to make sure they’re awesome (… no we really do…) and wow. Stephanie & Alastair, your wedding was badass.

Thank you very much.

Stephanie & Alastair. You. Are. Awesome.



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    • you looked wonderful as well as the bridal party, thanks for sharing. 0x, k

  1. Thanks, for posting this! It looks like a fabulous wedding and the kids are adorable! Many memories to savor!

    • It was truly an event in a million. We had so much fun. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I can't wait to see the rest of them.

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