F & R | Navajo Wedding Snapshot

I have been fortunate to have photographed not one, but two Navajo wedding ceremonies. Of course I feel honored that they would not only have me at their wedding, but that they would also hired me to photograph the ceremonies. It’s kind of a big deal – especially since I’m not Navajo. At least I […]


C & V Wedding Snapshot | The Foundry at Puritan Mill

The Foundry at Puritan Mill is a great wedding venue. It’s big and spacious – and can accommodate in the area of 300+ people or more. So… for large weddings – it’s kind of perfect. Of course that does depend on the aesthetic that you’re going for. It’s definitely a more industrial warehouse kind of […]

Wedding Day Timeline

How to Make a Wedding Day Timeline

How DO you make a wedding day timeline? It’s honestly super simple, and super easy. What’s funny about making a wedding day timeline is that you actually start from the middle. Well – you start from your ceremony time and work backwards from there. And then you work forwards from there. I know – sounds crazy […]

A wedding ceremony taking place | how to pick a wedding photographer

How to Pick a Wedding Photographer

So you’re planning a wedding and now you’re wondering how to pick a wedding photographer! I mean – how do you pick one? Obviously – first by looking at their photos. Simple right? Usually. Mostly. Usually. Well – you want to look at their portfolio, but not only their portfolio. Because portfolios are a small selection […]


The Best Book for Planning Your Wedding

What is the best wedding planning book? Oh that’s a simple question to answer. It’s this one – A Practical Wedding by Meg Keene.  The thing about wedding planning books is that most of them are incomplete. I mean – they’re complete if you’re having an unoriginal, cookie-cutter wedding. The ‘traditional’ kind that the whole […]


How You Manifest Anything, with Your Brain

Look up any instructional guide or tip sheet on how to manifest things – and you’ll find a to do list made up of items that come down to ‘believing it will happen’. Do this, do that, believe it will come to you/happen/be created. Of course they break it down and dress it up in […]