How You Manifest Anything, with Your Brain

Look up any instructional guide or tip sheet on how to manifest things – and you’ll find a to do list made up of items that come down to ‘believing it will happen’. Do this, do that, believe it will come to you/happen/be created. Of course they break it down and dress it up in […]


Beautiful Delicious AIP

I’ve been on the AutoImmune Protocol diet (AIP) since mid January of this year which means I’ve gone through a lot of AIP recipes. Quick summary – you cut out a lot of foods that are probably inflammatory to your body, and bothersome to your gut health.  Things you can’t have on AIP: Dairy Nuts […]


AIP Diet Kitchen Starter Pack

Starting the AIP Diet can be overwhelming. All the things you can’t have and all the things you can kind of have. Many of us never really cooked food before – and we definitely never cooked as much as is required by the AIP Diet. It’s a lot of cooking because you essentially can’t eat out […]