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I was a wedding photographer for the last 10 years – until recently when I was diagnosed with the ridiculously rare autoimmune disease dermatomyositis (der mat Oh my Oh sy tis). It kind of really ravaged my body and I lost 85 lbs of muscle and tissue along with spreading to my lungs adding some interstitial lung disease action. It’s been an interesting journey, filled with lots of hospital food, needles, and pharmaceuticals. 

Last year I spent a collective month in the hospital but I’m out now and hopefully don’t have to spend anymore nights admitted to a bed in a quiet ICU with people attending to me with anything I needed… wait a minute, maybe that wasn’t so bad… 

Now I cook food as prescribed by the AutoImmune Protocol guidelines (AIP) and spend my time healing, growing, and more healing. Dermatomyositis (my autoimmune disease) is a M’therF*cker and it can do some permanent damage if things don’t go right. However – all is not lost. Sure, you might not be able to walk, or raise your arms, legs, or neck – and you may even lose your ability to swallow food and have to get a feeding tube inserted – or maybe your organs start to shut down and things get REALLY bad after that – well, okay that is all pretty awful – but I’ve come back from the (near) dead and I can tell you that you can recover (mostly, probably) and it’s not hopeless. Be cautious and weary, but not fearful. Never fearful. Your body isn’t against you. Your body can heal, eventually. Somehow. Even if the doctors aren’t sure, or don’t know how – your body can heal. 

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