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Wedding Videography is something literally EVERYONE wants. I want it! Strangers want it! YOU WANT IT.

Most people stick wedding videography waaaaaay too far down on their list of wants and needs. I’m not going to say it’s a must – because we all know that other than actually getting married, wedding photos are the only must (ha!) and unlike the flowers, the chairs, or beef brisket – your wedding video won’t be forgotten. In the same way your photos will capture the day and guests – your wedding video saves even more of your day – but more importantly, it will help you relive your wedding day in ways that photos, no matter how brilliant, can’t.

Speeches, toasts, special moments that must literally be watched – these are the real reasons why you want to hire a wedding videographer.

A wedding day is full, and I mean FULL of love. From a father seeing their child entering a new phase of life to a grandmother literally doing everything they can to be present… Because who knows about the future?

I’m saying hire a videographer because you will never be sorry you hired a videographer for your wedding. You will never say I wish I didn’t have video of my best friends and family with me on my wedding day.

You’ll never say “Oh just looking at the photos and barely remembering what my mother said during her toasts is totally enough.”

You will never say “I’m glad we don’t have any video of how happy we were that day, who wants to remember that?

Put wedding videography on the table. Make it a higher priority than pretty chairs, more important than your name in lights on the dance floor (everyone knows your names!) and definitely more important than putting 10 mason jars on every table filled will fake green moss.


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