47 Different Types of Wedding Cakes!*

Different Wedding Cake Types – Here’s the thing with wedding cake. Over the past 10 years of photographing weddings – and eating lots of wedding cake – there is A LOT OF AWFUL wedding cake. Seriously. So many wedding cakes that don’t taste good. So much money spent on bad bad bad tasting wedding cakes.Read more

The REAL REASON Why You Need a Wedding Videographer | Vlog

Wedding Videography! Okay. I know – wedding videography is usually an after thought, or 2nd thought, or never thought. But really – come on – it’s important. Why? Because. Even if you don’t hire a professional wedding videographer – you should do it for the speeches and toasts. Sure, recording the ceremony is OBVIOUS. Duh.Read more

Why You Need a Wedding Videographer

(Want More Advice? Sign up for our free report 17 Tips on Selecting Your Wedding Photographer)   Wedding Videography is something literally EVERYONE wants. I want it! Strangers want it! YOU WANT IT. Most people stick wedding videography waaaaaay too far down on their list of wants and needs. I’m not going to say it’sRead more

Family Portraits With You | by LeahAndMark & Co.

Have we mentioned that we do family portraits? And newborns? And Maternity sessions? And… heck. Pet Portraits? And I know we should probably have some wording on this website about how we ‘capture the true emotion and essence of your family’  or ‘we capture your personality, your quirks, your You’… um. Well. I just wantRead more