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This is Patricia & Bryan.

Their wedding took place in Evansville, Indiana. Indiana!

Now Patricia’s sister is Sharon – and Sharon was one of Leah’s many roommates in college. So we rented a minivan, loaded up the family (LeahAndMark + BabyRoX) and then we also brought along +Krista to 2nd shoot! I know – BIG ROAD TRIP! (Surprisingly – it was only about 7 hours to drive from Atlanta up to Evansville, Indiana – and BabyRoX was excellent! Of course, Krista & Leah took the opportunity to catch up on some long needed sleep (they’re both very busy moms!)

So hey! We all had a great time! BabyRoX was very happy to finally start working his first wedding with us and I’m sure Krista helped out a little bit too! ha.

Thank you very much Patricia & Bryan for having ALL OF US at your wedding! You. Are. Awesome.

(Check out this latest Wedding Home Movie! And check out the surprise at the 2:45 mark!)


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