When it comes to the getting ready photos for the grooms side – we honestly, truthfully… probably don’t need to be there for 3 hours. I know. This is your first time. Don’t worry it’s okay!

How much time do we need? Probably 20 minutes. Seriously. Maybe 30 minutes tops.


Why? Because usually they’re not spending an hour + for hair and makeup and everything else. What we like to do is just the last 20 minutes of the groom getting ready – and hopefully he’s already showered and has his pants on. And then we photography the finishing touches – putting on his tie, suspenders, jacket, all that stuff. You know – the details. Even if we’re not there WHEN IT HAPPENS. We can arrive and he can fake it. And we can shoot it – and no one really knows or remembers or cares. Right?

And then we photography the guys/grooms people hanging out and stuff – but honestly… they’re usually not doing much. Like, not much. SO yeah!


But really – whatevs man! We’ll photograph whatever you want us to photograph because, well – THAT’S OUR JOB.

Okay! If I don’t see you on your day, have a great wedding and I’ll talk to you later!



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