Wedding Videography!

Okay. I know – wedding videography is usually an after thought, or 2nd thought, or never thought. But really – come on – it’s important. Why? Because.

Even if you don’t hire a professional wedding videographer – you should do it for the speeches and toasts. Sure, recording the ceremony is OBVIOUS. Duh. But what’s not so obvious is recording all of the speeches and toasts.

Atlanta Traveling Wedding Photographer

I know – my photos do in fact ‘capture’ that part of the evening – but not in the same what that video captures it. Plus. Let’s talk about this part. We won’t have everyone forever. Sometimes, depending on who’s speaking – those people won’t be with us very long, or anymore, or whatever. You know what I mean. Say a grand parent gets up and says some amazing words. Or a parent. Or ANYONE. VIDEO IT.

Even if it’s just phone video. Even if it’s just voice recorded. (although – phone video is SO EASY) – have SOMEONE VIDEO THE SPEECHES. You’ll miss them if you don’t.


Oh – and hire a professional wedding videographer cause they make cool stuff and you’ll wish you did. Trust me. You’ll wish you did.

Alright! If I don’t see you on your day, have a great wedding and I’ll talk to you later.


Atlanta. Wedding. Photographer. Videographer. Reasons. Why. You. Need. One.