When you’re thinking about your wedding day portrait session – something you may consider are your shoes. Your shoes and then also the locations your crazy photographer might make you go into for the portrait session. For example – if you’re likely to out into the woods – you should definitely bring some shoes to walk in if the actual wedding shoes aren’t good for… walking in the woods. You know – flip flops or other flats. Stuff like that – especially if you’re wearing very high heels and/or you’re not used to wearing high heels for hiking (some people are okay!)


Sure – you could have your partner carry you – and that works too – but you may want to clear that with them… or not. Or you could just bring extra shoes.

Because we all know some of the best photos are where things get WILD. And overgrown. And we all love those photos of people dressed all fancy in dangerous wilderness spots right? Ha. Right.

Alright! If I don’t see you on your day – have a great wedding and I’ll talk to you later!

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