Planning for the Groomsmen Getting Ready Photos | Vlog

When it comes to the getting ready photos for the grooms side – we honestly, truthfully… probably don’t need to be there for 3 hours. I know. This is your first time. Don’t worry it’s okay! How much time do we need? Probably 20 minutes. Seriously. Maybe 30 minutes tops. Why? Because usually they’re notRead more

Where to Get Ready on Your Wedding Day for Beautiful Photos | VLOG

How to have beautiful getting ready photos on your wedding day from LeahAndMark & Co. on Vimeo. You’ve probably seen some amazing, ridiculously beautiful photos of people getting ‘ready’ on their wedding days. Brilliant light, amazing locations, and beautiful… everything. WHAT ARE THESE SPACES? Honestly – most of the time they’re hotel rooms. But youRead more