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You’ve probably seen some amazing, ridiculously beautiful photos of people getting ‘ready’ on their wedding days. Brilliant light, amazing locations, and beautiful… everything. WHAT ARE THESE SPACES? Honestly – most of the time they’re hotel rooms. But you still need to have the RIGHT hotel room.

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You can’t just book a hotel room the size of a closet, with one small window, and shove 10 people in there – expecting to get the same type of beautifully lit ‘getting ready’ wedding photos.

You need LIGHT. Lots and lots of LIGHT.

Hotel suites help a lot – since they offer more room – and often times have larger windows – allowing for MORE natural window light. Seems like common sense, but it’s hard to think about details like this during your wedding planning since WEDDING PLANNING IS BONKERS. Right? Right.

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But here’s the thing – if you don’t choose to book a hotel room space to get ready in – and instead you pick a friend’s home, or even your home – you don’t have to get ready in the bedroom. You can get ready wherever there is great light. So that might mean getting ready in the kitchen. Or the living room – or even on the back deck. Of course you don’t need to be getting all nekkid in public for everyone to see. But you can certainly do hair and makeup out there – and you can get your dress on, not fully buttoned up, and then walk back out to the deck and finish up. Making sure that that your photographer has ALL THE LIGHT to make all of the amazing photos that you want.

So yes. Wedding planning. Bonkers.

Getting ready in plenty of beautiful natural light? – AMAZING.


It’s that simple!

Oh – and remove all the clutter. Keep taking away all the plastic bags, and plastic water bottles and dirty clothes and basically everything that is clutter. Unless you’re going for a madness sort of cluttered look to your getting ready photos – in that case – you can probably forget all the stuff I said up above because you don’t need amazing light to photograph clutter.

Right. If I don’t see you on your day – have a great wedding and I’ll talk to you later.



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