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Whether you have 10 guests or 300 guests – you’re going to have to feed them – something. Even if you’re having a mid-afternoon wedding so that you can avoid buying everyone dinner – you’re still going to have to give them at least a few animal crackers and some boxes of Hi-C fruit juice. Of course, that might be looking at things a little harshly.

These are your wedding guests and not just hungry warm bodies that want you to pay $50-$100 per person just so they can party and drink as much alcohol as you’re willing to pay for. They’re your closest friends and family – all of the people that you care about and that most want the two of you to be together. I know – there are going to be people you think you are obligated to invite, and that’s true – you will think that – and that’s okay. Just know that obligated doesn’t mean must.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer LeahAndMark & Co. | Creating Your Wedding Guests List

I want you to approach your guests list as if you are making a list of people that you want witnessing your professing of love for each other. You’re making a list of the people you want to witness your marriage ceremony. Not a list of people who will bring strangers (their +1) that will meet you for the first time ever at your wedding. Not a list of relatives you don’t like. I know – that one’s a tough one to accept – but it’s true. Whether strangers or guests – you don’t have to invite people you don’t like. F*ck that. It’s your wedding. Be surrounded by the people that love you both. 

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Surround yourself with people that don’t care about the flowers, or the open bar, or anything other than the fact that they get to be there for the two of you. Those are the people you want. They’re the ones on your guest list. Not the folks that want anything from you. Not the ones that want you to make them feel special on your wedding day. It’s your wedding not theirs. 

Fill your guest list with people that will celebrate your wedding and your love above everything else that day.



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