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Finding a hair stylist to do your hair on your wedding day can be as easy as hiring your regular hair stylist… depending on your stylist.

In other terms – someone that’s a great family portrait photographer isn’t necessarily a great wedding photographer. In the same way – a wedding day stylist needs a somewhat different or additional skills, and many stylist might not have the experience needed for your wedding day. Remember – your hair stylist is one of your wedding vendors. In the same way you wouldn’t just hire a cafeteria staff to cater your very important wedding reception, you wouldn’t hire a hair stylist with no experience doing bridal hair. There is a difference.

So. What do you look for in a great wedding hair stylist? Well…

Atlanta Wedding Hair & Makeup Artists | Tips Finding Choosing

You want a stylist that wants to hear as much information as you can give them about the hairstyle you want, or think you want. Bring photos so they can see examples of what the heck you’re talking about. Don’t just say up-do, or side pony-tail… (in fact you probably should never say side pony-tail, but what do I know…)

You want a stylist that does wedding day bridal hair. In fact you want ALL of your vendors to be regular wedding industry veterans. This isn’t the time for beginners or weekend hobbyist to practice! A Professional hair stylist that works weddings will know current hair style trends, AND what will work with your hair.

Atlanta Wedding Hair & Makeup Artists | Tips Finding Choosing

You want a stylist that also ask about your wedding. Details. Your dress, colors, jewelry – YOU want to match your wedding. In the same way you want your wedding photos to capture the atmosphere of your wedding – you want your look to match. If you’re having a vintage styled wedding – you may not want a clean and sleek look reminiscent of Blade Runner circa 2056. Maybe. Your wedding hair stylist will ask about how you want your hair to move (if at all) or if you have a hair piece that you’re thinking about wearing.

Finally – your wedding hair stylist will use 154 bobby pins and 23 cans of hair spray to cement your hair in place and make sure it doesn’t move when it’s not supposed to – NO MATTER WHAT.


All photos by LeahAndMark & Co.

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