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The other day I was getting into a pretty heated discussion with a bride over whether or not I was seeing more mermaid style dresses (she preferred to call them trumpet style) this year or if I was seeing more A-line dresses. I got distracted though and started going on and on about how I wish more of my brides would pick empire waist cuts because those are kind of my all time favorite.

Yeah – hellooooooo that conversation would never happen. Ever. With me. Never. Come on! Wedding dresses?! You think I can tell the difference between them? They’re all… wedding-y. They’re big or small or short or long or big… or… different shades of white… or not white… but most importantly – are they heavy and can I duct tape them to the wall somewhere? Alright – it’s not as if I won’t ask questions about your wedding dress during our initial consult/meeting. I’ll totally be all like, “Do you already have your dress? Oh, what cut is it? Did you get it with the peplum skirt? I think that’ll look amazing!” Well… I might not say those exact words… or any of them… but still… IDK. Yeah. Wedding dresses. They’re great for photographs.

And I like making photographs. THAT’S ALL I WANT TO DO! I wanna make amazing photos of everything on your wedding day. YES you’re beautiful and LOVE LOVE LOVE and all that – and I’ll even get caught up in all of the love flying around on your wedding day like cocaine and strippers at a 10 year old’s birthday party back in the 80’s! (maybe that was just my birthday party?) – and no matter what type of dress you have – you’ll look amazing because you probably have people around you that wouldn’t let you look anything other than drop dead beautiful and blah blah blah.

Oh hey. Here are a few of the wedding dresses that our brides have worn this year so far.









Wedding-Dresses-LeahAndMark-0010 Wedding-Dresses-LeahAndMark-0011 Wedding-Dresses-LeahAndMark-0012












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