47 Different Types of Wedding Cakes!*

Different Wedding Cake Types – Here’s the thing with wedding cake. Over the past 10 years of photographing weddings – and eating lots of wedding cake – there is A LOT OF AWFUL wedding cake. Seriously. So many wedding cakes that don’t taste good. So much money spent on bad bad bad tasting wedding cakes.Read more

These Are Different Types of Wedding Dresses For You

Look. There are a whole lot and mess and boatload of wedding dresses out there. Now – it may come as a surprise to you – but before I became a wedding photographer – I had no clue about wedding dresses. I still probably don’t. I’ve photographed literally hundreds of people wearing wedding dresses. GoodRead more

Different Styles & Types of Bridesmaid Dresses

(Want More Advice? Sign up for our free report 17 Tips on Selecting Your Wedding Photographer)   Bridesmaids dresses. I could literally go on forever about the subject. They’re obviously number 7 on my list of top 10 things to talk about EVER. Sadly – it’s Friday so I have to keep this post short.Read more