It is an interesting thing to photograph nearly 30 weddings a year on a regular basis. You get used to amazing weddings. In fact – you might even get used to not only beautiful and spectacular weddings – but you can also get used to F*CKEN AMAZING WEDDINGS.

That’s not to say that you get tired of them – because we certainly haven’t and don’t think we ever will. How could we? It is literally AN HONOR that couples hire us to be their photographers on their wedding day. Not only that – but we’ve crisscrossed the country photographing weddings. California, Massachusetts, Arizona, Maine, Colorado, New Jersey, Florida, Michigan, Alabama, Illinois, South Carolina, Indiana, etc. etc. etc…

We have so many out of state weddings that some people have no idea that we ever photograph weddings here in our home town of Atlanta. And although we try not to let on that we have the best of both worlds – it’s true. Because our out of state weddings satiate some of our travel bug tendencies while our local weddings keep us here in town so that we don’t have to spend as much time away from our BabyRoX. And we LOVE the BabyRoX.

Did I mention that we also operate the largest Photography Internship in the country? Because we do. That in of itself is a full time operation – one that we’ve worked hard to build alongside our regular photography business. Running 10 interns ragged for 3 months at a time takes a lot of time, effort, and coffee – nevermind the fact that we shoot family portraits, weddings, and everything else nonstop. (We also have 48 photobooths we rent out.)

Oh yes. We sleep. A little.

‘’ is more than just… Leah or Mark. It’s a team. It’s all of us – the interns, our +Photographers, and now our brand new Creative Director. Up until now we’ve kind of bragged that all of this (the internship and our busybusy photography business) was managed chaos. Unfortunately, as we have gotten more and more successful this ‘managed chaos’ became poorly managed chaos.

It all became too much to handle on our own. There are times when we’re literally having to coordinate and schedule 15 photographers on various gigs, across the city (and country) all at the same time. The sheer volume of actual shooting nevermind the coordination was overwhelming. And then our latest Special Wedding Package was posted on the blog A Practical Wedding a few weeks ago.

Wedding Package Special (27.77777% Discount!)

Rate: $3,650

– 10 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage
– All finished/edited hi-res .jpeg photos on DVD
– Limited personal use license (for making reprints at your own convenience)
– Online Gallery
– 2-3 Minute Wedding Home Movie Highlight Reel

And then all of a sudden we were nearly completely booked for 2013.

Oh – and then I literally almost died.

We realized that we had to change a few things. A lot of things. So we hired Alumni Intern Joy to be our Creative Director and to essentially make sure everything runs smoothly, clients are handled the way they should be – and nothing falls through the cracks in my head (which are quite large at this point.)

Until now we’ve had many, many Interns working with us along with our +Photographers who are all contracted – but none of them were focused on the actual company operations. They are photographers doing photography. For a long time now we’ve needed someone to work with us on our business. Especially when you consider the fact that along with photographing over 30 weddings a year across the country – our team works with more non-profits and charitable organizations in the Atlanta area than any other photography company. Hands-down. No Contest.

Three years ago Leah and I picked up our cameras and started this photography company. It’s been a non-stop-no-sleep-lots-of-coffee adventure that has helped develop a ridiculous number of amazing photographers. If you knew us back when we started then you’ve seen us go from two people who never took photography classes to the monster operation that is today.

We are photographers and we’ve worked insanely hard for everything we’ve achieved. Of course we’ve only gotten here because we work with the very best people we can find. Our Interns are certifiably amazing and they photograph more during their 3 months with us than many photographers do all year.

Best Wedding Photographers in Atlanta?

Who knows. Maybe. Sometimes. Often. Rarely. Always.

Hardest working? Yes. I do believe we are.