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We’ve been hired to photograph many events at the High Museum of Art in the past – Halloween! Teen Night! – but until last weekend we hadn’t photographed a wedding there. A WEDDING! At the High Museum of ART! You know what’s Awesome? THAT IS AWESOME.

I brought along Alumni Intern Niki & current Intern Madeline to help me out with this amazing day. Yoga on a rooftop pool. Botanical Gardens. 1930’s car ride through town. Running around the empty High Museum of Art! And then our PHOTOBOOTH as well!

This is Lauren & Jonathan – and this was their wedding day.

Lauren & Jonathan. You. Are. Awesome.


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46 Replies to “Lauren + Jonathan | Wedding Preview by LeahAndMark

  1. Breathtaking, Lauren and Johnathan. And Lauren: all of the details. The Pinterest dresses? The bouquets? Splendid. Just splendid. L&M: per usual, these photos made me feel like I was at the High. Dare I say you pulled a few tears out of me? Love x a gajillion.

  2. Mark: this makes me giggle because of what you kept loudly proclaiming as we walked through the space…

  3. Jonathan Grunberg, great photos, must have been wonderful, beautiful. Did you really tied yourself the bow tie?

  4. Absolutely stunning! What beautiful photos of a completely wondrous weekend. I love you so much!

  5. I am speechless. Never seen such a gorgeous couple and a truly spectacular setting and event. The intensity of your love is palpable throughout the photos. wow!

  6. OMG. This was the MOST gorgeous wedding! Amazing venue and photography! Gorgeous people. Seriously amazing photography! Congrats…wish I could have been there!

  7. So many GORGEOUS photos in there! And fun too! Lovely. Thank you for sharing!

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