Minette Magnifique!

Iíve been sucked into the vortex that is Foursquare. I know, I know. Life is so much more than becoming Mayor of your favorite sushi take-out place and earning your coveted ATL badge. BUT. When I checked into the Warren City Club- for a burlesque show, in fact- and got extra points for visiting myRead more

The Easy Stuff

Remember Tara and Cory? Last month,†in Tara’s 9th month of pregnancy, she braved fences and†potential trespassing charges for her maternity†session, handling it like it was all old hat. And guess what? We didn’t get arrested for trespassing! Yay! Well, that, and… her baby is here! Celeste is†here at last†and now Tara is an official card-carryingRead more