Why You Should Consider a Destination Wedding

Playa Del Carmen; Mexico; Destination Wedding Photographer; LeahAndMark & Co.

There are many reasons why you should consider a destination wedding and also hiring a destination wedding photographer. The Caribbean? Playa del Carmen? Mexico? Jamaica? Cancun? The first and most obvious one is because you want to get married at some amazing or specific location, but you happen to not live there. See? Simple. Because youRead more

Roswell River Landing Wedding Venue Weddings

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | LeahAndMark & Co. | Roswell River Landing

Your Roswell River Landing Wedding Photos will be amazing! It’s a great wedding venue for a couple of reasons. It’s relatively affordable; it’s relatively close to Atlanta; and they’re very friendly and easy to work with. Oh – and they have that amazing river dock that allows for some amazing photos that you can’t reallyRead more