A Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding in Atlanta is amazing because of the spaces’ ability to transport you to a place that’s elegant and unique and unlike many of the other ballrooms or event spaces in Atlanta. Elegant, classic, aristocratic – those are some of the words that would appropriately describe the Biltmore Ballrooms. Especially that feeling of aristocracy and elegance. Contrary to what their brochures might tell you – you cannot achieve that same atmosphere at any hotel ballroom here in Atlanta. 

Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding | Atlanta Georgia Photographer LeahAndMark

Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding Venue

And of course – not only are the actual ballrooms an amazing feature of the wedding venue – but the front entrance facade is spectacular. With high 50 foot columns and that old-money richness to it – your wedding portraits will look like they couldn’t have been made anywhere else but at the Biltmore Ballrooms. 

Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding | Atlanta Georgia Photographer LeahAndMark

Obviously – once people see the ceiling of your ceremony or reception space, they’ll immediately recognize where your got married. Because that ceiling is iconic, famous, and a landmark in Atlanta. 

We’re often hard pressed to truly recommend certain venues – but recommending the Biltmore Ballrooms for your wedding is absolutely of a required consideration at the very least.

Here’s the thing about a Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding. It’s A LOT OF CLASS right in the middle of Atlanta. You’re transported to a different location. You don’t feel like you’re in a modern city full of glass and steel. You may feel like you’re far away on a grand estate – maybe even the actual Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. Yeah it’s that amazing in the ballrooms which is crazy when you think about it because it’s literally just one large room. Oh, but what a large room it is. You won’t regret having your wedding there. Trust us. Trust yourself. 


Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding. Atlanta Wedding Photographer.

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