How to Be Unrealistic

Rule Number One: Being Unrealistic works much better for you when you succeed. You can be unrealistic and fail – but then that’s not only being unrealistic, it’s being dumb – which completely negates the coolness of being unrealistic. How do you avoid being dumb? You can’t. Well – I can’t. So in order to […]

High Museum of Art | Family Day Photos

Last weekend, we and the Intern Army + Alumni Debra were at the High Museum of Art for Family Day. We setup a big seamless paper backdrop and started shooting families. Errr. Started photographing families. Now there are various ways to run a photobooth. You can have an automated setup with a stationary camera, overhead […]

Becky Striepe | The Interview

Becky Striepe is a crafter & freelance writer based here in Atlanta. You can find her at GlueAndGlitter.com – Interview & Photos by M. Tioxon ********** It depends on what you’re talking about…but I’m probably a seven on the ‘nerdy scale’. Someone taught me how to sew and it was like this revelation because you […]

Karate Kid Photography Training

We’re regularly asked what we get out of having our Interns. The complete answer isn’t always the easy answer – because we get quite a bit out of the deal. Beyond the small bits of manual labor – there’s the education. Beyond the education I receive through teaching, there is of course the friendship that […]

Mark Hubbard | The Interview

Mark Hubbard is the founder and director of Renew Social Ventures. It’s a nonprofit, a small business incubator, and a collaborative co-working space. Most important to us – it’s where we hold our Intern workshops, our graduation/introduction nights – and we use the space as our studio. We’re also the Photographers in Residence. – Photos […]

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer | 5 Tips

FYI (and disclosure) – we’re wedding photographers and we’d like you to hire us. FYIA (For Your Information Also) – There are many great photographers out there, we just hope you consider us 🙂 FYIAA (For Your Information Also Also) –  You. Are. Awesome. Listed below are the things we think you should consider when […]