Connecting With the Dead (An Online Course)

When I started practicing reiki in 2001, I unknowingly opened myself to a beautiful, life-changing ability to feel and connect with those who have died. Deceased loved ones would drop in when I was giving reiki to a friend or client. I would find myself overcome with emotion, feeling all the love and grief andRead more

Wednesday by Leah: EC Part III

I’ve talked about our journey with Elimination Communication (EC for short) here and here. Since Jonah is now 15 months old and rapidly gaining more autonomy each and every day, it’s time for another update! If you’re not familiar with EC, please read the earlier posts first cuz I don’t feel like recapping here. Haha.Read more


  When Jonah was tiny baby Jonah, I couldn’t imagine leaving him! He was so vulnerable and I was so in love, AND I was his sole source of nutrition, and I was his mama. I wanted to be with him 24/7.  Even going to the store for an hour was hard. I missed him.Read more

Wednesday by Leah: Level Up!

I didn’t realize how much I’d changed since becoming a mom until I went out to dinner with my sister and baby niece the other night (sans Jonah and Mark). I was able to teach my sister the quick-change method for discretely changing diapers on the fly. Grab wipe, diaper, and disposal bag (or haveRead more