What I’ve Learned

If you want to succeed, you have to make many, many more friends. You know, I’ve never thought that this wouldn’t turn into something more. Back when I started shooting – while I still had my day job – I was really afraid that I would fail at this, so that kept me going. It […]

Untitled Post

I really didnít know where to begin this entry today. Life has been so full of activity and starting points with new projects that itís been difficult to keep a clear head. My internal dialogue has been discussing with itself (yeah, itís like thereís a two party system in my head that is in constant […]

You & My Camera

If you’re like most people, you probably feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. You probably would rather not have your picture taken. You’re not sure how to stand, where to look, what to do with your hands. You probably have a mental catalogue of photos of yourself that you hate. Your eyes were closed […]

An Intern Experience

These photos are all by current Intern Marj. She moved here from Colorado for the three months of the internship – and even though it’s only been about three weeks, she seems to have gone through quite the range of emotions and experiences. It’s a big risk and leap of faith for someone to move […]

BlackTie BBQ Secret Supper | Valentines Day

Last Saturday night while I was photographing Deborah & Mark’s wedding, +Laura and Intern Jen were photographing BlackTie BBQ’s latest Secret Supper. I’ve photographed several of their secret suppers in the past and worked with them on other events as well. This was the first time I would send a team to photograph one of […]

Lace Cosmetics | Product Launch

In the past few weeks Iíve really focused on and have been surrounded by the spirit of entrepreneurship. Case in point, my new role with LeahAndMark has exposed me to a firm, independent, and successful business built upon perseverance, creativity, passion, and love. Iím also fortunate to be working with a boutique owner that truly […]