We’ve been shooting a lot in the studio lately. I’m still working through ideas that I don’t always get a chance to try when we’re out on location. Besides, when you fly into town just for the day to photograph an engagement session – it might not be the time to experiment.

Peyton & Gabriel flew me into town (Wilmington, N.C.) for the day for their engagement session – we’re shooting their wedding near the beach this coming May. Left the house at 5:30am, arrived back in Atlanta at 12am midnight – four flights – long day – and totally worth it.

Aside from worrying about ‘getting good shots’ – spending 8 hours with a couple for their engagement session is considerably different than hanging out with them for just 2 hours in a park like “normal” engagement sessions. Add to that – the part where you’re in a strange city, being driven around to spots that you’ve never seen before.

We tell our Interns that much of photography is about making decisions – over and over again. There is a confidence that will show in your photos when you’re comfortable with the decisions you’re making as you shoot. If you combine that with a ‘work process’ – then you can push away all distractions or worries (hopefully).

Because you’re not always going to get some magically beautiful location or backdrop – and even if you do, it’s probably ‘obviously beautiful’ – and to me that also means that it has a chance of being ‘obviously boring’ in the same way I find ‘tourists vistas’ uninteresting. And in case you can’t tell – I really enjoy challenges.

This session with Peyton & Gabriel? Easy. I wish I could say that walking around downtown Wilmington, N.C. I struggled to find good shots. I wish I had some sort of crazy experience where all of sudden I blanked out and had no idea what I was doing and then somehow came back fighting. Fortunately – that wasn’t the case.

Peyton & Gabriel, thank you.

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  1. I am totally digging their tattoos! Again Mark, great job! Really like the reflection one.

  2. Mark, What amazing photos ! And the ink is pretty incredible tool. Doesn’t look like you had a hard time getting great locations to shoot. Hope you enjoyed your time here in a beautiful city.

  3. Love all of the session but especially the stone wall series. I don’t know Gabriel yet, but this is a great reflection of the person Peyton is.

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