Cheers for Children

I have a really awesome job. Really. I love it for a lot of reasons†- capturing moments, documenting emotion – and one of them is the fact that I never know where itís going to take me next. Literally. Last Saturday, I woke up and had a garage sale at my house in the morningÖ […]


Minette Magnifique!

Iíve been sucked into the vortex that is Foursquare. I know, I know. Life is so much more than becoming Mayor of your favorite sushi take-out place and earning your coveted ATL badge. BUT. When I checked into the Warren City Club- for a burlesque show, in fact- and got extra points for visiting my […]


You Are Powerful by +Raven

You are incredibly powerful. Do you know that? No, like, really. I know for a fact that you don’t tell yourself that enough. Start. I finally broke down and started reading this book on the subject of love and positive thinking recently {which I won’t name, in the hopes that I come off less like […]