When Working Isn’t Working

A single mom with 2 kids in DeKalb County needs to earn a minimum of $18.47 per hour at a 40 hr/week job to support her family without depending on any additional assistance. A 2-parent, 2-kid family in Gwinnett County needs both parents to work full-time and earn at least $12.89/hour to make ends meet. […]


Our super talented friend Sean took the above photo.  Woohoo!  He takes lots of awesome pics.  That’s why I like him.  Oh, yeah, and he’s a super nice guy. Anyhow, I love how in every single picture of my walk down the aisle, I have this crazy open-mouthed expression of happy surprise.  I just loved […]

Good stuff

I spend a lot of time at my desk these days.  Although probably not as much as I should.  But there is life to be lived and breaks to be taken.  Ultimately, I know that all the work will get done.  It just tends to get done realllllly close to the due date, rather than […]

Introducing…my classmates!

I’m really enjoying my Social Work program, in spite of the supreme busy-ness of life these days.  My classmates are a great bunch of people and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them over the past month.  One of our professors lost his house and everything in it in a fire last weekend.  This particular professor […]

Atlanta StandUp for Kids

Atlanta StandUp for Kids from LeahAndMark.com on Vimeo. It’s been roughly a year since we started volunteering with Atlanta Standup for Kids. And while I’m just going to cop-out on this entry and repost below something I wrote a long time ago – some of you may still not have read it before. It was […]

Our Latest Efforts at Kiva.org

These are the latest entreprenuers to receive loans from LeahAndMark.com! thru Kiva.org – I decided to change things up this time – instead of choosing people who were already close to meeting their requested loan amounts – I chose people who had just started taking lenders and still had a substantial way to go. (Our […]