So, I turned 27 on Monday… I like my birthday, and I like the month the August. It’s a time of new beginnings and reflection for me, so I’ve been doing a lot of that. And this year – well this year is a really new beginning! I am so excited to be embarking upon the GSU Master of Social Work program. I’m working part-time, I have a Research Assistantship and a field placement, so I’m going to be pretty busy these next two years. But it’s a good busy, and it’s exactly what I want to be doing.

Still, I had some challenges this week in the terms of unexpected fees that had to be paid by Friday. I got used to having a paycheck that would cover all the bills and still leave room for savings and fun money. That’s definitely not the case anymore. But, I’ve got this new part-time job, and I’ve also got some babysitting jobs lined up, so we should be okay. Just no more going out every week for drinks, dinners, etc.

But that’s okay…it’s only two years, and we’ve got plans. Other plans. Awesome plans. And we’ll be fine.

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