These are the latest entreprenuers to receive loans from! thru – I decided to change things up this time – instead of choosing people who were already close to meeting their requested loan amounts – I chose people who had just started taking lenders and still had a substantial way to go.

(Our first entry and summary on this subject HERE.)

While I admit this is partly a distraction from other things on my mind – I suppose there are arguably worse things I could be doing with both my time and money. And yes, I am definitely at the very least, going to make the suggestion that you should consider signing up with Kiva and loan out the minimum $25 to one of our two people up above! (You’re so cool.)

Clearly you’ll receive no pressure from us on this matter – just try to keep it in the back of your head the next time someone ask you for money – someone as in that guy on the street corner, or even another NonProfit effort where a substantial portion of donated monies go to paying for the huge overhead/infrastructure of running such an organization – and the fact that you are guaranteed to never see that money again – whereas with Kiva – you have a 99.97% chance of getting all of your money back… so you can send it back out again to help someone else.

And if you do sign up – let us know ’cause that’s awesome and we can be Kiva Friends. 🙂

Oh. Our Kiva profile is HERE.

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