Athena’s Warehouse

Athena’s Warehouse is an Atlanta-based non-profit group that provides low-income high school girls with prom dresses. Our goal is to show both girls and women that females can empower each other through personal support and public service. Our icon, Athena, embodies strength, equality, and heroic endeavor; she is accompanied by an owl that marks wisdom.Read more

Kiva Loans Update

It’s hard to see how much a little effort adds up overtime – especially when you’re talking about donating amounts as small as $25. We started lending three years ago but things really picked up when we decided to donate 10% or $25 of all photography proceeds (whichever is greater). As of today we’ve helpedRead more

STIR IT 28: Food Bloggers Align for Haiti Relief

Click Here for the STIR IT 28: Atlanta Photo Gallery I was fortunate enough to photograph STIR IT 28. Below is the event description by Bren Herrera (one of the key organizers): …two other bloggers, Chrystal over at†The Duo Dishes and Courtney at†Coco Cooks, and myself have organized what we love to consider a phenomenalRead more Micro-Lending

We’ve been ‘donating’ to since May of 2008 (see here). For those who have no idea what micro lending is, the main concept is that in developing (third world) nations, the people who need loans the most, are unable to get them because they do not have the credit/collateral and banks just donít giveRead more