We’ve been ‘donating’ to since May of 2008 (see here). For those who have no idea what micro lending is, the main concept is that in developing (third world) nations, the people who need loans the most, are unable to get them because they do not have the credit/collateral and banks just don’t give […]

My Letter to Congress

Dear Congress, I am a 28-year-old graduate student living in Atlanta, GA. I grew up reading books – hundreds of books, because I loved to read. My family was middle-class, but not wealthy. They couldn’t afford to buy all the books I wanted to read, so I got my books at the public library. I […]


“Men take it for granted that their sexual organs can greatly increase in size and then become small again without being ruined.  If obstetricians (and women) could understand that women’s genitals have similar abilities, episiotomy and laceration rates in North America might go down overnight.”  – Ina May Gaskin, midwife Ok, sorry folks, sometimes I […]

Public Health Final

NPU-V Final from on Vimeo. Ha, I’m such a nerd that I’m posting my final project for my “Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health” class.  We were supposed to look at social determinants of health in Neighborhood Planning Unit V, a primarily low-income, African American section in south Atlanta.  This could have been […]

When Working Isn’t Working – Part II

So let’s say a single mom with 2 kids in DeKalb County finds one job that pays $11.00/hour and another job paying $7.50/hour.  She has to work both jobs full-time.  She has one child in elementary school and one child in daycare.  She works 80 hours a week.  She rarely sees her children.  She makes […]