I spend a lot of time at my desk these days. Although probably not as much as I should. But there is life to be lived and breaks to be taken. Ultimately, I know that all the work will get done. It just tends to get done realllllly close to the due date, rather than far in advance. And I’m learning to be okay with that, because it means I don’t feel insanely overwhelmed and burnt-out.

I’m soooooo happy that Mark has a job! And one he likes, to boot, without a ridiculously long commute. I love our apartment and the warmth and insulation it provides in this chilly weather. (Not something I appreciated until I grumbled through two winters shivering in a drafty house with an ancient heater-box-thing). I was feeling stressed out and tired last night, but I got a great night’s sleep and gave myself a good pep-talk and I’m in a much better frame of mind this morning. I just have to remember to see the bigger picture. So I have a lot to do right now. So what? It’ll get done. And I’ll learn a whole lot in the process. A little hard work won’t kill me.

(But I’m still very much looking forward to Dec. 11 when the semester ends and I have a break to rest my brain and process everything I’ve taken in since August.)

I hope y’all have a super awesome day!

Us (circa 2005)

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