Deciding to have a Callanwolde Fine Arts Wedding is… probably one of the easiest decisions to make when it comes to planning your most amazing wedding. Seriously – if you’d like a classic, traditional and almost fairytale look to your wedding – well there are very few places in the Atlanta area that can fulfill your fantastical dreams like a Callanwolde Fine Arts wedding.

Not only that – but the venue has plenty of room for all of your guests. Whether you want your ceremony outdoors in the garden, or in the main hall with the grand staircase – or out on the patio – you have a lot of options for different configurations both during your ceremony and your reception. 

Callanwolde Fine Arts Wedding

AND – your photographer will love being able to walk you all over the property, to make some unique, artistic and creative photos. Trust me – there are few things that photographers hate more than having to work with a boring venue that just doesn’t have much to work with then it comes to making amazingly beautiful photos. This is not a problem when you have a Callanwolde Fine Arts wedding. 

Callanwolde Fine Arts Wedding - portrait session

We’ve photographed many weddings at Callanwolde and not only do they always go off perfectly – they go off EASILY. As in – we see the behind the scenes and what it takes to make sure a wedding and reception go on with no problems. Sometimes the planning crew is running around behind the scenes fixing everything you can think of – and sometimes it’s just ALL GOOD. Weddings at Callanwolde seem to just always be on the ALL GOOD SIDE of things. 

And that’s important. Because while you want a wedding team that will handle ANYTHING that comes up – you always want to know that there just won’t be too many problems from the outset anyway. I mean I’ll be honest – some places, some venues, some people are just… it’s… it can be a sh*t show. That may or may not be visible or noticeable to your guests – but it’s best to avoid the situation all together – and I’ll tell you – for whatever reason, Callanwolde Fine Arts weddings are THE BEST and they just go off perfectly. Literally every single wedding we’ve photographed there – was brilliant.

Callanwolde Fine Arts Wedding - exchanging rings

Now whether it’s personal preference or for whatever logistical reason – choosing this venue is basically, always a great idea. You know what I mean? It’s centrally located and you can easily get to anywhere else you need to get to. PLUS… the grounds just look amazing and parking is easy. Ha you laugh when I talk about easy parking – trust me – if you’ve ever had to deal with a nightmare or difficult parking situation – well, you basically end up paying one way or another. 

But we don’t need to dwell on things like that! We can dwell on the fact that Callanwolde Fine Arts Weddings are the bomb and yours will be too! Right? RIGHT.

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