A Callanwolde Wedding at Callanwolde Fine Arts is a great wedding venue because it has the ability to transport you to a different place – in a good way. The grounds have a certain feeling to them that isn’t like any other venue in Atlanta. I’m not sure what it is exactly. But it’s not any one thing individually. It’s the combination of everything that’s there. From the gardens, to the grassy areas, and the trees and flowers – to the building facade that’s reminiscent of a castle but not exactly. To the side patio area that almost feels like you’re in the French countryside. Or the grand staircase with the back lit stained glass windows. Or the classroom feelings of the up stairs getting ready spaces. All of it. It all transports you to a place that doesn’t feel so modern, or even so Southern the way that so many other wedding venues in the South tend to do. 

Callanwolde Wedding Fine Arts Venue

Callanwolde Wedding Fine Arts Center

Callanwolde Wedding Fine Arts as a wedding venue lends itself to your creativity. You can really set it up to go in a few directions. Classic and timeless. Or a little big magical and fairy-like… or even medieval and whimsy if you like. Or just plain, flat out elegant (that’s a thing right?)

Your photographer will definitely have an endless supply of ideas at Callanwolde as well. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate and it’s raining – there’s a good bit of cover to work with around the building – and you can always sneak a few minutes outside when the rain does take a break.

We’ve photographed several weddings at Callanwolde Fine Arts and they’ve literally always, always, always been amazing. 

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