Your Roswell River Landing Wedding Photos will be amazing! It’s a great wedding venue for a couple of reasons. It’s relatively affordable; it’s relatively close to Atlanta; and they’re very friendly and easy to work with. Oh – and they have that amazing river dock that allows for some amazing photos that you can’t really get anywhere else in Atlanta. I mean it. Sure Piedmont Park has a coupe of docks around their lake – but you’re always having to battle the throngs of park visitors – and the docks are pretty high off the water. So you don’t get that at the river’s edge feeling that you do when you photograph at Roswell River Landing.

Roswell River Landing Wedding Photos | LeahAndMark & CO.

Roswell River Landing Wedding Photos 

OH. AND THE CEREMONY location is also quite excellent. 

But the simplicity of the whole venue is what will also give you good reason to consider having your wedding there. It’s an easy space and you can bring in all your own vendors. (Whereas more and more venues are requiring that you ONLY use their approved vendors (and approved higher costs too.))

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Roswell River Landing. Right. Oh yeah – and you have the option of having your guests hangout outdoors, or indoors, or both. So depending on whether it’s raining, or it’s cold, or it’s hot – you’re pretty much covered and your guests will be comfortable. AND there’s parking. Like easy parking. Ha. You think that’s not a big deal – until it IS a big deal when there isn’t any parking or your guests have to valet and ride a shuttle or some other considerations – considerations that you don’t want to have to consider. 

But seriously – if you’re looking for a budget friendly, open option wedding venue in Atlanta – this is a place you should really, really, REALLY consider.

Roswell River Landing Wedding Photos | LeahAndMark & CO.

Roswell River Landing Wedding Photos.

Check out the Roswell River Landing website here.

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