Everything about a Solarium Decatur Wedding will make sure you end up with great photos. It is a great wedding venue deep in the heart of Decatur, Ga. It’s literally hidden away in a quiet neighborhood – just south of downtown Decatur. What’s also so amazing about the Solarium is how flexible you can be with the venue set up for your wedding.

Solarium Decatur Wedding | LeahAndMark & Co.

Solarium Decatur Wedding Photos

You can have your wedding indoors – or outside in the main entrance area – and both are fantastic options. There are two main rooms connected by a short middle hallway and a side walkway window room as well. 

What’s also a great feature is that when it’s time for the real partying to begin – any one of the rooms can be turned into a crazy dance floor and people CAN DANCE ALL THEY WANT. It’ll feel close and comfortable as opposed to how sometimes it feels like you’re dancing in a big, empty reception hall… 

Solarium Decatur Wedding | LeahAndMark & Co.

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Of course – I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention how amazing the grounds and outside spaces are for wedding portrait photos. They are amazing and your talented photographer will have plenty to work with when it comes to make brilliant and beautiful photos of the two of you on your wedding day. Seriously. You will love your photos taken at the Solarium. You’ll love your wedding there too!

Solarium Decatur Wedding | LeahAndMark & Co.

And if you needed more convincing – check out these amazing photos! We LOVE working there and we always have a great time. Partly because the people who book this venue are the best kinds of people. They’re looking for that balance of classic looks, but easy rules and comfort for their guests. A Solarium Decatur Wedding is ALWAYS, ALWAYS a GREAT TIME! Right? Right.

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