A few days before BabyRoX was born, Mark and I went to pick up somebaby items we needed. It was during this shopping trip that Idiscovered the NoseFrida. It’s basically a straw/tube thing thatparents can use to suck snot out of their kid’s nose.

Image courtesy of Fridababy.com
“Gross!!,” we jointly exclaimed. We would never suck snot out of ourkid’s nose! Who does that?

Haha. Think again, naive almost-parents. Think again.

Except I never purchased a NoseFrida… I got one of those blue bulbsyringes, and it seemed to do the trick on tiny BabyRoX. But then hestarted crawling. And since his nose was usually pretty close to theground, he got dirt and stuff in it, which mixed with mucous and madethese super sticky and SUPER stubborn boogers. Nothing would get theseboogers out! His nostrils are very tiny, so even my pinky finger can’tfit in there. Wet wipes didn’t work either. Nor did saline drops. Andno way was I going to put a Qtip near my wiggly, grabby lil guy’sface. It would probably end up lodged in an ear or eye or nasalcavity. So… I sucked. Yup. Gross, I know. But I put my mouth overthat little nostril with the stubborn boogers and sucked them rightout.

And that is only one of a number of yucky things I have done sincebecoming a mother. I’ve thrown a sheet over pee in the bed and slept
on it. For more than one night. I regularly eat soggy, sucked-onpieces of food that BabyRoX discards. And don’t get me started on the poop. Ohhh, the poop.

What? I poop, ok?
Anyhow… I might be investing in a NoseFrida. My birthday is on Saturday, if anyone needs gift ideas…. =)

5 Replies to “Wednesday by Leah: Did I do that?

  1. Sadly (but still funnily), this isn't the first time I've heard this. 😉

  2. Okay, I haven't done that but have done other things. Motherhood is sometimes really gross yet still rewarding. 🙂 And, it only seems slightly less gross with your own kid. Not so much with other peoples.

    • No way. I'll go to extremes to get them, but this a new limit. Although I was perfectly fine with trowing a towel over the pee and sleeping on it until the next day.

  3. I don't think I would have survived without the NoseFrida, especially in the winter time. J, however, refuses to use it.

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