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This is Steph & Ryan! (one of our rare Atlanta weddings!) – and the ceremony took place at the new Old Fourth Ward Park (check out the photos below, most people don’t realize that this place exists – it’s kind of hidden, kind of awesome, and a total surprise.) (I also think that I need more “-” and more “()” in my long run-on sentences.)

Check out this Wedding Home Movie!

If you watched the video, and you think this wedding was totally a lot of fun – you’re absolutely correct. In fact – I’ve even noticed that some of the most hardcore dancers at our weddings lately are the Harvard graduates. Literally. All of a sudden once they get to the wedding reception it’s like So You Think You Can Dance. or Um. You Got Served. Or Step Up 3 (that’s actually my favorite one of the series.)

But I suppose I digress. Wedding. Atlanta.

Steph & Ryan? You. Are. Awesome. Mostly because of your dance moves, but also because of everything else.

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  1. Absolutely the best time. My daughter was glowing! We are so happy they chose leah and mark! You did a fantastic job. Love you lots Mr, and Mrs. Ryan Hackett!

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