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We’ve just now returned from our trip to Colorado! We were there for the wedding of our friends Paralee & Aaron – (Leah went to high school with Aaron and Paralee was one of our very first Interns! (Season ONE!)) So it was obviously a great honor that they hired us to be their wedding photographers (and we all know that I would’ve been bored if I was justwatching the wedding!)

But this isn’t the wedding preview post – just a few shots (because goddamn that was a beautiful wedding) and well – some more rambling since posts from me have been a lot less regular lately. That’s mostly because we’re still deep in our wedding season (which apparently last from February until the beginning of December) and editing is a full time job – nevermind the part where we keep shooting weddings, portrait sessions, running photobooths, and holding workshops for the Interns.

Oh – and of course there’s the BabyRoX growing everyday!

Since I’ve been away from blogging – I’ve had some time to think and try to figure a few things out – mostly regarding the direction where we’re trying to take this photography business of ours, the Internship, and everything else we’d like to do with our lives. Not that I’ve made much progress in any of those areas – but it’s all definitely been on my mind a good bit lately.

And our team. We’re regularly shaking things up and Alumni Photographers that work with us as associates will move on and new ones will come on board. Currently – we’ve got Elaine, Krista, and Mishaun. Check them out – because they’re quite awesome, and much nicer than me 😉

If you saw Leah’s post yesterday – then you know that the day after this Colorado wedding she found out that her friend had passed away in his sleep. It was a complete surprise and shock to everyone.

Nothing else reminds us more that time is precious and we waste so much of it by putting things off – even at the cost of living the lives we want.

These days Leah and I are pretty much doing everything we can to do everything we’d like to do. We’re very unrealistic and we fight ridiculously hard to make unrealistic things happen.

It’s something I hope that BabyRoX picks up.

We’ve got a lot of work right now (editing, emailing, editing, shooting) – but I found this old blog post that I wrote a while back and you might be interested in checking it out. Have a great weekend. Because you’re awesome. Really.

How to Be Unrealistic.