Hi. I’m Mark (of LeahAndMark.com).

Come see me speak at Renew Social Ventures this coming Tuesday, at 7pm. ( 972 Alpharetta Street, Roswell, GA 30075 )

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I’m a photographer based here in Atlanta. Two years ago I hadn’t ever picked up a dSLR – and I didn’t know anything about f/stop, shutter speed, ISO – or anything other than the ‘auto’ setting on my point & shoot. In the summer of 2009, I picked up the camera that my wife (Leah) had bought for me back in March for my birthday.

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That August, we decided to start our ‘photography business’. The following August (2010) I left my day job (software company) and decided that it was the right moment to do this full time. This past August (2011) marked our two year anniversary for the business. Since I never attended photography school, and have never had any formal ‘photography’ training, I’ve been making it all up as I go. Since I’ve been blogging that entire time – I have a pretty good record of my own ‘development’ – and I can track when & why I’ve made certain changes in shooting style, technique, and overall ‘process’.

Basically – when, how, and why my photos have changed over the past two years – and also how it’s been affected by the ‘business’ aspects of our photography business. It’s all related. Our photography business was doing so well, and we were so busy with photoshoots/gigs that it allowed me to experience a highly accelerated education in photography. Combine that with our Internship program where I get to work with hand-picked student photographers – and it all adds up to a ridiculously hectic past two years, and what I think has literally forced my photography to grow by leaps and bounds. To the point where it’s a real deviation from the norm.

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This Tuesday night at 7pm, I will be speaking at Renew Social Ventures in historic downtown Roswell. The talk will be about when, how, and why my photos have changed over the past two years. How I went from never having picked up a fancy camera, to running a successful photography business two years later, and arguably making some consistently badass photos – anywhere, anytime, with anyone. How I relate and compare being a ‘professional’ photographer to being a professional writer (f*ck inspiration) – and how blinking, drinking, height, and falling, all drastically changed and currently affects my photography.

All of our paths our different. This is mine. If you’re a photographer, I really do think you’ll hear something useful if you attend.

Just like our Internship, admission is free. Hope to see you there if you’re curious. Doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7pm.

Blinking, Drinking, and Falling by LeahAndMark.com | Speaking Engagement

There will be drinks and one bottle of cheap wine.

Renew Social Ventures
972 Alpharetta Street, Roswell, GA 30075

Blinking, Drinking, and Falling by LeahAndMark.com | Speaking Engagement

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