August Is Over | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

– Posted by Mark

I know I’m a few days late in writing this post. August is Over. I was supposed to get this up… earlier this week – but hey – life happens when you’re making plans right? So. August. It’s over. For me, that means that we’re starting another year. Our third year.

August is the marker month. We started the business two years ago in August, and then I left my computer day job 1 year ago in August. It’s been a really fast two years – at the same time it’s just been a lot, a lot of work – more than I ever thought I was able to do – or would want to do. And now we have this machine that is – and it’s still a funny joke to us that turned into something much, much more.

But right now, at this moment we have everything moving along at full speed. Season SiX of the Internship is ridiculously amazing, Leah’s been officially Full Time Photo for a few months now, and of course we have BabyRoX on the way. Along with with me still traveling out of state to photograph weddings in New Jersey, Michigan, Florida (Miami this weekend!) and a few other places up and down the east coast.

And that’s just the obvious stuff in the works. And the not-obvious stuff is both exciting and scary. Exciting because it’s all just bigger and MORE, scary because it’s all just… bigger and MORE. Risk.

So yes, August is Over. | Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Atlanta Wedding Photographers