We have a lot on our plate this week. The Interns have their assignments to complete, we’re shooting around town, and I’m flying out to Phoenix on Wednesday. I’ll be back in town on Friday and then on Sunday we’ll be at the High Museum on Sunday for ‘Family Day’. Oh – and Saturday’s my birthday.

Yeah – if you can imagine, I’m looking forward to a low key birthday this year. Besides – every freakin’ day is like my birthday these days.

Since we announced that we were taking on a Marketing Intern – we’ve gotten a few crazy looks and questions – mostly asking us… what do we think we could possibly have to offer someone as far as marketing. Aw who knows.

When I met with Sophia last week (we met on Wednesday and decided that she would start the next day on Thursday) – I think I sum’d up a core characteristic of our marketing strategy: It has to be entertaining for us. That’s the reason we do anything at all. It’s why we challenge ourselves with photographing things other than weddings, or families, or food – not that those aren’t also entertaining – because they really are – but so are many other things.

Like Marketing.

Sure we do the regular advertising in places – [OffBeat Bride] – [APracticalWedding.com] – but then we also tackle events that we think would be fun – [High Museum] – [Scoutmob]! and one of the biggest lessons we learned early on was that doing things for ‘good exposure’ only works if it’s actually good exposure. And that means that it has to be as useful to YOU as it is for the event organizers. We feel like we’re able to get way more mileage out of various projects than others might.

But really – why would anyone want to be a marketing intern with us?

Because we’re interested in trying anything. We have a small budget, a longer timeline, and experiments are fun. Sure there are lots of guerilla marketing tactics out there – but we kind of think most of them are a waste of time and energy (sticking your logo/name/website in random places?!) or they cater to a market that we’re not aiming for (again – just sticking your name on a wall doesn’t mean anyone will want to hire you).

We have a lot to learn, a lot of ideas to test out, and in the same way taking on Photography Interns forced us to improve and enabled us to try new crazy ideas – a Marketing Intern can only lead to… something different.

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