Business Investment Decisions

We are often asked the question – why is your Internship so successful? Of course – the real question that’s usually being asked is ‘how do you continue to attract so many interns that work for free, and that seemingly work so hard for you? Although we can easily come up with a complicated answer […]


Photography Competition

Think the photography market is over saturated? Try being a musician. Or a writer. Or a Chef. The generic advice is to just be different. It’s not about being completely different. It’s about being different enough AND finding your audience. Different work, different personality, different people. You have to make, be, and find those things. […]


As Creative As You Claim To Be

Many photographers are not that creative. It’s true. Consider painters – they apply paint to a blank canvas and make something. Consider writers – they collect words and gather them up to literally make something out of nothing. Consider photographers – they press buttons. Even the best and most creative ones… are pressing buttons. Whatever […]