We took a break this weekend. Kind of. See, we drove over to Birmingham, Alabama to attend a wedding for Leah’s cousin Allison to her man Ross. Since our friend Renee was photographing the wedding, we decided to ‘video’ a good bit of it (and since we have a hard time only attending weddings these days). The above video is a short, unedited clip (mostly) – and it’s THE REASON why you should consider hiring a GREAT wedding band instead of having only a DJ. I wish I knew what their name was – but they were honestly so awesome, that I’ll edit this post later and put it up.

We primarily shot our video using a Nikon D90 – which meant manually focusing the lens… but it’s alright because back when I started learning photography, I actually shot events with a manual lens from 1968 – so you either learn how to focus REALLY FAST, or you end up with way too many unusable and blurry photos. We have skillz. Sometimes (or we just get really lucky 🙂

The next day, Leah and I had brunch with the Leah’s family on her mother’s side.

And THEN we drove back to Atlanta, had dinner with her new-ish family (Leah found her birth mother) and celebrated her brother and cousin graduating from high school!

I miss my family out west – but it helps that Leah has 34 cousins (she recently counted) – and that means she has even more aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews. I think I’m going to make it my mission to have my picture taken with… EVERYONE.

Hey. This was at the wedding. Free drinks are FREE!

Have an awesome week. We’re gonna be posting like crazy. Weddings, Engagements, NonProfits, Newborns, and You.

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