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This is Sofi. When her parents hired us to photograph her senior portraits, I knew that my first job was to make sure that she didn’t end up with a batch of studio-like senior photos that would qualify to appear on – but also make sure that she looked relaxed and comfortable in the shots. Fortunately, making the clients feel more comfortable is actually an area we seem to excel. I’d like to say that we’re just so good at talking that everyone immediately feels comfortable with us, but it’s not us that they really need to feel comfortable with – it’s the big camera in their face.

Of course your client needs to have faith in what you’re doing – especially when they really don’t understand what you’re ‘going for’ in a shot – but we also rely on simply shooting long enough so that they feel comfortable just ‘moving’ in front of the camera. If we’re not getting what we want from a static ‘pose’ – we’ll actually have them ‘move into’ that pose, either by taking a step and looking up, or facing away and then turning towards us. Sometimes it’s as simple as having them close their eyes and then opening them on ‘three’.

We primarily shot this session at two locations – a wooded forest area, and an abandoned car dealership. Sofi and her parents probably thought I was a little ‘off’ when we arrived at the empty lot. I mean, it’s not exactly most people’s idea of ‘senior portrait’ locations (alright, actually abandoned ‘anything’ probably IS what many seniors hope for, but sadly they end up with ‘local park’.)

… and you know… after I get the ‘safe’ shots and I realize I have more than enough that I’m going to deliver – I include shots like this one above, just because I like it.

Check out the Yelp review by Sofi and her Father!

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  1. Wow, these are gorgeous. I agree with V, definitely an unexpected twist on senior portraits and something I know I personally would love to own.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one in the woods on the rocks! and the one with aperature background & her smile! Awesome! You rock!!

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