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(From Megan & Josh’s wedding website:)

How They Met:

We met on a blind date in the fall of ’07, which was set up by two of our friends. We went out twice, realized the timing just wasn’t right and letseveral months pass by with no contact. Then, upon a chance (or not so chance) meeting at a local restaurant, we decided to try hangingout again. From that point forward (with only a few minor speedbumps:) it was love. Itbecamea very long-distance love,but despite this,neither of us would trade the path that led us here for an easierone.

About Megan & Josh

Theybegan dating in the summer of 2008, a few weeks before Megan left to travel to Africa for a month. Once home,they had only a few weekstogether beforeMegan moved to Denver forher first year of grad school.Somehowthey made it work with 2 thousand miles between them.They have now decreased those miles to 60, with Josh living in Macon andMegan in Atlanta. Asthey celebratetheir wedding on May 15th,they will also be celebrating thebeginning of an exciting time…actually getting to live in the same city for longer than a Christmas break!

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Thank you Megan and Josh for having us photograph your wedding.

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  1. Beautiful guys. I love the personal story addition. The picture of the wedding tent with that big tree hanging over it is awesome. I'm loving that peek in at the ceremony through the bushes too. Great job!

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