Yesterday I went down to this place, the Georgia Department of Labor so that I could file for unemployment. This is the Toco Hills location. They were nice enough, and there weren’t really too many people – but still more than I had hoped. The process was pretty simple, stand in line, walk up to the counter, get registered into the system (they have you type in your Social Security number and then they enter information from your picture ID) and then you wait to be called on.

When they call you they ask you a series of questions like have you ever filed for unemployment, have you worked anywhere other than Georgia in the last 18 months, are you receiving severance pay… and on and on – but they’re all yes or no questions. Then you sit again.

A few minutes later you sit with other people in a group and someone comes and gives you an orientation on the process of actually ‘filing’ and then what you have to do afterwards. Basically, you sit at the computers there, enter your information, your last job information, your pay, and then other basic stuff. Then you hand over your paperwork and you’re free… to ‘check in’ every Sunday, online or by phone.

As far as my job search, obviously I really need to rethink this current strategy that I’m using. I have some ideas and some new information so we’ll see how it goes – and I’ll let you know afterI get my next job.

Update: Here is the link which tells more about the actual claims process and when you may get your money.

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5 Replies to “Unemployment & the Georgia Department of Labor

  1. I had to head down to that office last year, too, which is someplace I never thought I’d be. Kind of freaky, finding yourself there unexpectedly.

    Fortunately, I found my new job before I had to go back in for my ‘orientation’ meeting and whatever else they make you go back in for later. Here’s hoping you have the same luck! (Network, network, network…!)

  2. I, too, have done this. Somehow the place felt a purgatorial and interstitial as a hospital. I quickly decided that I’d rather just look for work professionally, though, and so went freelance. Haven’t been back to the DOL office since (he says, genuflecting).

  3. i’ve been there. you know, it’s whatever. you’ll find something this month, we already talked about this.
    will uses big words.

  4. wow didnt know we had a dept of labor. then again im not American so I wonder if theyll even help at all if i bothered.

  5. jesus, what does it take to file unemployment on the computer, an act of congress?????!!!!!!!!!!

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