Let’s get right to it!

Hi Hi Tulie’s Birthday Dinner from LeahAndMark.com on Vimeo.

And so… there were a couple of twitter/blog related gatherings scheduled:

And of course I went to Tulie’s birtday dinner… sadly, Leah’s been so stressed with Grad School + Part Time work that she couldn’t come.

There are also the new surprise things I’m doing for supplemental um, income. No. I haven’t become the next Asian New jack City Drug Lord of Atlanta. Just odd stuff here and there.

About this video!? I think next time I’m going to pass my camera around and have people snap video themselves – simply for more variation in angles/shots. It IS kind of funny that I make these music home videos with just my Point & Shoot Canon Powershot. Someone should hire me for that. Lol. “I can make really blurry, shaky and out of focus music videos that look absolutely amateur -out of your home movies!”

I will say that I am absolutely, and incredibly fortunate to be in this circle of friends. The support has been much more than I’ve ever had from any group of people in my life. Partly because until this year – I never tried to make friends/be social/or even keep acquaintances. But literally everyone has been encouraging, and have offered what help then can, whether it’s actually taking my resume and passing it on through their channels or simply keeping their ears open for anything even remotely available that I would be a good fit for. So really. Thanks to all of them forever, and ever, and ever.

… and Hello! to any new people that are reading this after being given one of our new moo/friend cards. You’re so awesome.

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