If anything, I’m generally quite proud of how successful we are as weekenders. While staying home is always a welcome treat (especially when you’re so busy during the week) it takes effort to really go all out on weekends on a regular basis. So even though I admittedly prefer to block out entire weekend afternoons for nothing more than sleeping – the mornings and evenings are wide open for anything and everything else. Family, friends, or just us and our cats! And still, lately, no matter what the occasion whether a trip to Target or Ria’s Bluebird, it’s always a good time to turn on the camera and let it go. Results vary.

And while we’re clearly not at the point of making one of those terrible video travel guides you can easily find on YouTube* we like to think that we’re covering Atlanta ITP – well, at least our Atlanta which primarily consist of L5P, Grant Park, Va-Hi, and just a bit of Downtown/Midtown/Buckhead. Even many of the Alpharetta soccer moms who live on Windward Parkway (where I used to work) probably haven’t been down here.

* (The ones on Atlanta? Worse than Rachel Ray’s segment where she stopped at The Flying Biscuit, The Varsity, Two Urban Licks and The Colonnade – okay, ya gotta stop at the Varsity.)

Now… I feel like I need to admit something to you people. Because I have a problem, an addiction almost… See, I can’t stop ‘adding friends’. Seriously. It doesn’t matter what ‘social networking’ website it is – I can’t stop pressing those ‘add friend’ buttons. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter & Yelp! (I haven’t even written a Yelp review in 6 months!)

It’s been really bad on Facebook lately. But it’s not my fault. They tempt me way too much. That whole section where they show people ‘you might know’ ? Oh. I see those people and read their names (which always sound familiar) and then I ALWAYS think to myself – maybe I should know these people!

So then these facebook people with 2 or 3 degrees of separation from me get that ‘friend request’ and I’m sure they’re like… well, so and so is friends with this Mark RoX (ha! I don’t even use my real name on my Facebook!) so I’ll give him a chance.

But I suppose that’s a fundamental um, foundation of networking – being accepted on someone else’s authority or good name. So to all of my actual friends that I know and are on Facebook and whom I’m using to leapfrog to other people in your friend collections… thanks? (Run-on.)

Job! Search! : So I’ll be filing for unemployment tomorrow and get on that payment track. Just add me to those sad weekly/nightly news stats about the unemployment rate these days. Still. This week is full of potential – with my friend hopefully getting his bosses/HR department to finally give me an interview, and then a recruiter sending my resume over to some decent possibilities. And for everyone else in Atlanta JustInCase – the elevator ride description of my job abilities is:

I’m a Finance/Business Analyst with the ability to use SQL, MS Access, Business Objects, and many other interfaces to process raw data from databases and/or analyze such information (financial or not) in a manner applicable to business/finance processes across the board at all levels forever and ever and ever.

And Finally… Since everything we do is obviously not worth a video showing on it’s own, here’s a collection of clips strung together our of order but coherently enough – taken over the past two months. Included are 2/3 of SuperCute!, Twelpers, Leah’s Family, Our Horseback Riding sad-venture, and Gelato!

A Little More Atlanta from LeahAndMark.com on Vimeo.